Conference Programme - Day 2

Theme 3: Bringing the Cloud to the Edge

What will be discussed?

  • Zadara Cloud Strategy into Africa
  • The Game Changer – Edge cloud
  • How do we enter the market –Enabling the african continent and digital transformation

What will be discussed?

  • Understanding the evolution of data protection
  • Why Cloud solutions are safe solutions
  • How to stay abreast of regulations and security challenges

Theme 4: The Wider Cloud Context and Considerations


James Byaruhanga


Roke Cloud

Angus Hay

Regional Executive

Africa Data Centres

What will be discussed?

  • Identifying your need and objectives
  • Market response to evolving drivers and requirements
  • Colocation versus Cloud versus Edge as options


Dr Quin Jernigan

Manager, Workforce/Economic Development


Nabeel Mahmood

Managing Director

Nomad Futurist

What will be discussed?

  • ‘It takes a village’ mentality
  • Where Cloud and Digital Transformation will lend a helping hand
  • Matching future demands to business objectives


Stephane Duproz

Data Centre Consultant

What will be discussed?

  • Defining your SLA requirements internally
  • Translating your requirements to build effective SLAs
  • Collaboration and partnership – the only way to achieve SLA success

What will be discussed?

  • Understanding how not to compromise on your cybersecurity measures
  • Working with clients to deliver their security expectations
  • Integrating solutions that can adapt to changing requirements and regulations

What will be discussed?

  • Utilising more than one IOT application to drive benefits
  • Bolstering your financials whilst reducing CAPEX and OPEX
  • Moulding IOT applications to enhance business operations at the front end